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Gifts for dad are like a level up for the usual "gifts for men": you want them to be special. Your dad isn't a generic "him", so you really want to go the extra mile to give him something extraordinary.


The problem of choosing gifts for dad

Picking the perfect gift for some dads is incredibly hard for several reasons, and the dads actually say them out loud:

  • I already have everything
  • I don’t need anything
  • I want nothing

Some other dads don’t say stuff like that but you still don’t have a solid idea of what their dad brains would love to get. So you go Googling and… Sometimes Google just makes everything worse. The go-to recommendations are stuff related to fishing, golf, and beer, but what if your dad doesn’t like any of those? We wanted to fix the issue, so here’s our take on the best gifts for dad you can give.


Stuff to check out

First of all, we have the basics. Stuff he will use no matter what, even if he says he doesn't need or want anything right now. For example:

  • A box of new socks (don’t listen to anyone, new socks are a fabulous gift for adults)
  • A jar of premium-quality shaving cream
  • A kit of shoe care stuff
  • A big box of his favorite snacks
  • A bunch of tickets for gas

Next, we have some delicious food and drink options. Some dads like beer, others are meat-lovers, some other fathers are into cheese, and so on. We added a bit of every common eating preference to help you out, but make sure to check our foods & drinks tags for more specific stuff.

Of course, we couldn't leave aside some fancy gadgets, because what dad wouldn't like a handy new device? Some of them are sportsy, some are gaming-oriented, some are great for leveling up their workouts. A cool device for any dad!


DIY gifts for dad ideas

  • Chili-infused oil for the dad who loves spicy food
  • Homemade beef jerky for the meat-loving dad
  • A handmade notebook for the writer dad
  • A subscription to his favorite streaming or gaming service for the couch potato dad